A Cohesive Vision for Coachella’s BMW Wrapping Project by Wrap Bullys

At Wrap Bullys, we recently embarked on an exciting journey to transform the experience at Coachella, not just through music or art, but through an awe-inspiring display of automotive excellence. We had the unique opportunity to wrap 28 BMW vehicles, both i8 and i3 models, in a singular, breathtaking design that captured the essence of innovation and the spirit of Coachella. This project was a collaboration of creativity, precision, and style, culminating in a spectacle that resonated with every attendee.


The mission was clear but ambitious: to uniformly wrap 28 BMWs in a design that would not only stand out but also harmonize with the festival’s vibrant atmosphere. With the clock ticking towards the festival dates, our team geared up for what was to be a showcase of our dedication to artistry in vehicle wrapping.

The design journey began with a creative collaboration between Wrap Bullys, the talented designer Bashir, and a cutting-edge marketing agency. Multiple designs were conceptualized, but one stood out—a design that was destined to adorn all 28 vehicles. This chosen design was not just a wrap; it was a statement, a seamless blend of artistic vision and the iconic BMW silhouette.

For a project of this scale and visibility, only the best materials would suffice. We selected 3M vinyl, renowned for its durability and vibrant finish, and added lamination to ensure the wraps would stand the test of time and the desert’s harsh elements.

With the design set, our skilled technicians embarked on the installation process, which we affectionately dubbed “shameless installation” due to the boldness and confidence in our work. Every wrap was applied with meticulous precision, ensuring that each vehicle was a mirror image of the next, embodying the uniform vision that had been set forth.

The main challenge lay in the logistics of wrapping 28 vehicles in a short timeframe while maintaining consistency across each one. Our solution was a well-coordinated effort that saw our team working in perfect sync, utilizing advanced techniques and a deep understanding of the material and design to achieve a flawless finish on every vehicle.

As the wrapped BMWs rolled into Coachella, they became more than just vehicles; they were moving art pieces, each telling a story of collaboration, innovation, and the relentless pursuit of perfection. The reaction was unanimous—admiration and awe, capturing the attention of festival-goers and car enthusiasts alike.

“The seamless execution of the wrap design by Wrap Bullys brought our vision to life in a way that exceeded our expectations. It was a testament to their expertise and commitment to excellence,” remarked Bashir, echoing the sentiment of all who were involved in and witnessed this project.

This Coachella project was a landmark achievement for Wrap Bullys, showcasing not only our capability to handle large-scale, detail-oriented projects but also our passion for bringing visions to life. If you’re looking to make an impact with your vehicle, whether for an event or personal expression, let us transform your idea into reality. Contact Wrap Bullys today to explore the endless possibilities of vehicle wrapping.