Wheels Powder Coating

We are the only wrap shop in Los Angeles and Orange County that focused on powder coating automotive wheels. We offer the fastest, most convenient, and economical way to get your wheels powder coated.

We handle more wheels than any other wrap shop in town and exceed the manufacturer’s specifications in every aspect of finish quality and durability.

Fast service & top-notch quality at reasonable prices.

We’re able to maintain a high volume by squeezing every last drop of efficiency out of our process. Full-time employees specifically dedicated to each step means there’s no learning curve. We order materials in bulk and keep everything we need in stock, so we’re never waiting on vendors. Finally, we keep all our work in-house, so we’re never at the mercy of third-party contractors & save you money.

Do I bring just my wheels or drop off my car?

This is totally up to you. Bring us just the loose wheels, the wheels with tires still on them, or drop the car off with us. Whatever is most convenient for your schedule and budget. We can store your vehicle in our secure indoor facility, remove the tires, media blast and powder coat the wheels, then mount and balance the tires. Dealing with only one shop saves you a lot of headaches and money.

How much does it cost and how long does it take?

Cost is based on the wheel’s condition, size, and choice of color. The fastest way to get a price is by calling us at (213) 293-9727 or submit the estimate form. The usual turn-around time on stock color is 2-3 days. We can get a most drop off cars with appointments done within 5 days. Just give us a call for scheduling.

Do you offer same-day powder coating services?

No, and any shop that claims to offer such services is either not doing the job right or is just trying to get you in the door. It’s that simple. The process to properly strip, prep, and powder coat wheels involve chemicals that must be allowed time to work, ovens that cannot be rushed, and skilled labor. We won’t compromise our quality or your safety. Coating wheels takes a minimum of 5 days.

Can you repair curb rash and other wheel damage?

We can repair just about any cosmetic damage. Most light scuffs and scratches are fixed at no extra charge, while more serious damage would be an additional cost. We specialize in TIG welding and machining damaged wheels to bring them within original specifications.