Color Change Wrap

Wrap Bullys can give your vehicle a Matte Wrap, Satin Wrap, or even a Gloss Wrap to create a unique look and protect your vehicle paint.

Wrap Bullys offers the very popular vehicle wrap for your vehicle. We provide quality matte, satin or gloss wraps that will turn your vehicle into a high-end unique design. If you are looking to give your vehicle attitude but don’t want to permanently alter it with paint, a vehicle wrap is perfect for you!

Wrap Bullys Vehicle Wrap Benefits

You will have a wide range of flat vinyl colors to choose from. Your matte wrap can be removed without any damage to the original vehicle paint. A matte wrap protects your vehicle from daily wear and tear. It comes in flat or satin finish and you can combine multiple colors for a custom affect. Your vehicle will be wash safe and the matte wrap is long lasting. A matte wrap can be done at a fraction of the cost a custom paint job would and it is removable anytime with no damage to the original vehicle paint.

A quality Wrap Bullys matte wrap will last you five to seven years and will remain in excellent condition. Vehicle graphics and car wraps are not just for advertising, many people want to customize their vehicle and a matte wrap can be considerably cheaper than a matte finish paint job. And in most cases matte wrap wears well and better than paint if properly maintained.