Is Tesla Overcharging for Wraps?

In a previous article, we delved into the world of vehicle wraps and highlighted the distinctions between vinyl wraps, paint protection films (PPF), and the innovative hybrid wraps. However, the question that often arises is whether Tesla is overcharging for these wraps. The answer to this query can be traced back to a fundamental issue—Tesla’s relative newness to the vehicle wrapping industry and their occasional difficulty in specifying the various wrap types. This lack of clarity can lead to confusion among customers, giving rise to the perception that Tesla’s pricing may be on the high side.

The Core of the Confusion

One of the primary sources of confusion when it comes to Tesla’s wrap offerings is the company’s relatively recent entry into the vehicle wrapping industry. While Tesla unquestionably excels in automotive innovation, this new venture into the world of wraps might leave some customers questioning whether they have the requisite expertise to set competitive pricing standards. Customers may wonder whether they are paying a premium for the Tesla brand rather than a fair price for the service.

Furthermore, the lack of clear differentiation between the types of wraps offered can add to the confusion. As we mentioned in the previous article, a standard industry wrap for a car typically does not include door jams, and this is the industry standard. Customers who are unaware of these industry norms may unknowingly opt for services they don’t actually need, thereby increasing the overall cost.

The Standard Industry Wrap

To address the question of overcharging, it’s important to establish what constitutes a standard industry wrap. In the vehicle wrapping industry, a standard wrap typically covers the exterior of the vehicle, excluding door jams. This standard is widely accepted across the industry and serves as a benchmark for pricing and services.

Understanding Tesla’s Pricing

While some customers may perceive Tesla’s pricing as steep, it’s essential to consider the full scope of their services. Tesla’s “Hybrid Wraps” are unique in that they blend the benefits of PPF for protection with color-changing wraps for aesthetics. This innovative approach may justify the higher cost for some customers who are seeking both protection and a new look for their vehicles.


In the end, whether Tesla is overcharging for wraps comes down to individual preferences and priorities. Understanding the industry standards and the unique features of Tesla’s wraps is crucial in making an informed decision. While Tesla’s pricing may appear higher, the added benefits and innovation of their Hybrid Wraps could be a worthwhile investment for some. It’s essential for customers to weigh their options carefully and ensure they receive the services that align with their needs and expectations.

Tesla’s entry into the vehicle wrapping industry is undoubtedly bringing change and innovation, but it’s up to customers to decide if the cost aligns with the value offered.

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Ultimately, the question of whether Tesla is overcharging for wraps is subjective and contingent on individual perspectives and requirements. As the vehicle wrapping industry continues to evolve, clear communication and industry standards will be essential for providing customers with a transparent and competitive pricing structure.

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